Finding Best Fish Finder for the Money- Best budget friendly fish finders

Best Fish Finder for the MoneyFinding the best fish finder for the money which also good in quality and service is little tricky. We all want a fish finder that would continuously net us fish after fish and gives us less trouble especially on price. Once you figure out your budget it will be easier to make a choice of this fish finding device.

So, here is for you some budget friendly and good quality fish finders, see them carefully and make your own wise decision.

Best Fish Finder for the Money- Less than $100

In this budget, you would get some basic fish finders that have low resolution, small size color/black and white screen fish finders. They are suitable for beginners and work well in shallow water. If you are okay with theses configuration than here for you, the best fishfinder for money in lower than $100.

Lowrance Hook 3X:

This fishfinder comes with 3” LED 320 x 240 resolution of the color display, high-performance Broadband sonar with noise rejection, ASP and accurate target separation which can make your fishing easier. This low budget fishfinder also consists of on board temperature sensor and can support 83-200Hx frequencies.


  • Great Basic fish finder to start out with.
  • Helpful when mounted on the trolling motor.
  • Great fishfinder for checking depth.


  • Data malfunction happens sometimes.

Fishfinder between $100 to $300:

In the budget, you will get all basic to mid futuristic fishfinders which are pretty good in service. They are also suitable for novice anglers.

Garmin Striker 4 DV:

It comes with 3.5, 5 and 7-inch size screens and displays the sonar data in classic flasher format. This fishfinder is especially useful for ice fishing and vertical jigging. Because of CHIRP DownVü and CHIRP SideVü scanning sonars this device also able to show both side images of your boat.


  • Excellent quality GPS and chip features
  • Easy to use on a kayak and easy to see
  • Almost accurate


  • Does not give you longitude and latitude

Fishfinder between $300 to $600

In this category, you will find almost everything you are looking for in a fishfinder. Like this one,

Raymarine Dragonfly 5 Pro:

This great fishfinder has come with 5″ all-weather GPS navigation, anti-fog feature including a backlit; HD LED display, wide-spectrum CHIRP sonar plus DownVision® technology. It can provide you users photo quality images of all under your boat.


  • Built-in WiFi for streaming info.
  • Can connect multiple devices up to this unit at the same time.
  • Comes with a MicroSD™ card slot for data storage.


  • Can’t provide info like max speed or time.

If you are not penny-pinchers, it is better to go for $300-$500 fishfinders because they have comes with lots of amazing features that could enhance your fishing experience. However, others can go for rest options which are also great. So no matter what is your budget finding the best fishfinder for the money is somewhat possible.

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