Top 10 Best Trophy Fish Destinations in the United States

Trophy Fish Destinations

In this article, you are going to found about top 10 trophy fish destinations in the United States. Most of the fisherman both mature or professional want to catch at least one time in his life that the monster fish whether for boasting reason or simply for the enjoyment.

In every lake, river or costing line there are some common fishes find easily. By sometimes you may feel that itch to go and find the biggest and the rarest fish possible. After all, showing off own biggest catches has different charismatic flavor!

Best Trophy Fish Destinations in the United States:

So if you want to know where you can get the most largest and unique catches, here are top 10 trophy fish destinations in the United States for you.

1. Sheefish- Selawik Valley, Alaska:

Sheefish- Selawik Valley, Alaska

Alaska’s Selawik Valley could be your real trophy fish destinations in the United States for Sheefish. Sheefish or locally called inconnu can be caught almost year-round. This fish could grow up to 60 pounds.

This a cold water fish and its best to taken with spoons or even fly  For catching the biggest one you have to fly in northwest Alaska, with a guide.

2. Largemouth Bass-Castaic Lake, California

In the US, there are lots of top notch trophy fish destinations in the United States. But Castaic Lake is beat the list because of the size of lurgies. The Lake locates in Los Angles about 25 miles north. Furthermore, these fish could be 20 pounds (on record). Besides, you can catch here up to 12-15 pounds of bass here easily.

3. Red Drum-Pamlico Sound, North Carolina

Red drum is also a pride of North Carolina saltwater fishing. Mostly they are in 30 to 60 pounds of the weight range, but they could be over 80 pounds. They are good in the fight, so be careful while fishing. This fish also called channel bass by locals. There some restrictions for larger catches. These fish are primarily a catch-and-release fishery along the North Carolina coast.

4. Muskie-Lake St. Clair, Michigan

The lake is the best keep secret in North America, especially for Muskie and other rear species. In here you will found walleye, perch, and crappie, even plenty of quality smallmouth bass with the Muskie. This fish could be over 30 pounds in weight and over 50 inches in length.

5. Mako Shark-Massachusetts Bay:

Massachusetts Bay could be best for trophy fish destinations in the United States especially several species of quality shark to catch. But you know better, how many fights a shark could do during fishing. In that case, Mako is easier for the target in Massachusetts Bay. You could catch over 1000 pounds of a Mako shark in here. If you want to fish in this area especially for sharks, don’t forget to keep a guide with you. Sharks are notorious for turn and attack.

6. Walleye-Lake of the Woods, Minnesota:

This lake is on the very northern tip of Minnesota. Here you can found Walleye which is very rare in Canada, Manitoba, and Ontario border areas, according to the IGFA World Records. Therefore, if you want to experience the ultimate beauty of Lake of Woods, then it’s better to go in winter. Especially when the ice sets in the lake, the most contented ice shanties you could find are sprinkled along the shoreline.

7. Golden Rainbow Trout-Mahoning Creek, Pennsylvania:

The golden rainbow Trout and other exclusive colorful species are found in very rear space in the eastern US in Pennsylvania. You will found very 13 pounds of this species which is far different from the golden trout of California.

8. Striped Bass-Chesapeake Bay, Maryland:

For Striped Bass, Chesapeake Bay is the trophy fish destinations in the United States. In here, the stripers migrate along the Atlantic Coast spawn in these waters in any of the 150 rivers. For fishing, it’s best to go in late summer, early fall or spring.

9. White Sturgeon-Sacramento River (Near Bay Area):

This fish could be large up to 20 feet and over 1500 pounds. It is the biggest fish of fresh water in all of North America. There are some regulations by California to catch this fish. So be sure to follow before going to catch them.

10. Tarpon-Boca Grande, Florida

The Tarpons are most fight loving and the most exciting gaming fish. In Boca Grande, Florida, you will get many guides, charters and rental equipment for all.

Final word:

So, there were my all top 10 trophy fish destinations in the United States. Hope you will find all the necessary information that you needed. For more information keep looking into our upcoming post. Happy fishing!

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