How to Cast a Spinning Reel

How to Cast a Spinning ReelWe all know spinning reels are very useful gear for fishing but few of us know how to cast a spinning reel properly. Especially the bargainers always fell into trouble to cast a reel.

However, the fact is spinning reels the most versatile types of the reel that anglers could use because they are great for both learners and experts, and can be used with a wide variety of lines. Unlike other reels spinning reels do not give any hassle to utilize during fishing.

That is the reason while all other reels have their specific advantages Of spinning reels are by far the most popular reel available in the market.

How to Cast a Spinning Reel

Learning the proper casting requires little demonstration and little practice. Your first step of learning how to fish will start with how to cast a spinning reel. After the demonstration or instruction each of these techniques takes a bit of practice.

Whether in your backyard or the neighborhood park, but you have to try it again and again. If you would like to use a spinning reel but never used it before here is a simple guideline on how to cast a spinning reel.

How to Cast a Spinning Reel

  • At first, your reel is meant to be held underneath the fishing rod. Many people flip their reels over, which is wrong. The rod should have its guides rest below the pole. The line will optimize your casting distance and retrieval, flow out from the reel more quickly that way. Moreover, the proper grip from your casting hand should have the spinning reel rest between your two middle fingers. Otherwise, it could switch between your last two fingers. This grip will allow you to quickly and easily clench and release the line from your index finger. Also, it provides the optimal balance of the rod in your hand.
  • Ensuring the line roller on bail is at its closest point to your hand- directly underneath your finger before you cast. The line roller is where your line will be guided as its spun back onto the spool during retrieval. When you cast the reel but the line roller is anywhere else the reel, you jeopardy holding your fishing line on the various parts of the reel
  • Gently lift your index finger onto the line with the line roller directly under your hand. Do not fetch the line all the way back to the rod just be sure to create a little tension. Because doing anything like that can risk your line tangling in your spinning reel. Flip open the bail with the line clenched gently. Now put your other hand on the bottom of the rod and rotate the tip of the rod around by flip your wrists.
  • Have you watch anyone play lacrosse? If yes, then you will understand the motion of rod and your finger that I am trying to explain. Because the action of the lacrosse and the processes are same. Be sure to release your index finger from the line while moving the rod forward towards your target. You should give few times at this point where the pole is moving forward in the motion. The lure will fall far behind if you release the line very early. Alternatively, if you give too much time to release the line, the lure will fall rapidly into the water just in front of you!
  • While your baits or lure sails toward the target you will want to stop the bail manually at the same time it reaches into the water. It is better to close that manually. Otherwise, it is automatically close the bail trying to reel. Also, it can add unwanted strain in the spring of the bail. Ever, this could lead to failure of the parts faster more.
  • Before each and every casting, be sure to get into the habit of setting the line roller closest to your hand. Try to flip the bail open and close manually as well. Although the more easily you can perform all these things the better performance you will get during fishing.
  • The final things to consider are the drag. On most cases, the drag of spinning reels can be set on the face or front side of the spool. Other types of spinning reels have it on the back of the reel. The right setting for your drag is to be able to pull the line with some resistance. However, don’t overload it with pressure. Letting the line to peel off the reel with resistance can help you to avoid unnecessary stress on the fishing line. Moreover, the result could be line breakage.

Casting with Baitcaster reels

Bait casting is an acquired skill style of fishing that relies on the weight of the lure to extend the line your targeted area. It involves a revolving-spool fishing reel or free spool mounted on the topside of your fishing rod.

  • Start with holding the rod about waist level, grasping it. So the reel is up of the rod, and your thumb falls automatically on the bellow of the spool. Your lure or bait should be hanging eight to ten inches below the tip of the fishing rod.
  • While holding your thumb against the spool, push the button to put the reel in free spool. It helps to avoid unwinding.
  • Now, pull the fishing rod back. That is how the tip sweeps over your dominant shoulders. After that, bring the rod forward swiftly by pointing its tip at your target.
  • Let the thumb off the spool while the rod comes forward over your shoulder. So the lure or bait can pull line from the reel.
  • As the lure splashes into the water place the thumb back down on the spool.
  • To engage the anti-reverse Reel once or twice
  • Now you are ready to fish!


If you have not bought your new spinning reel yet, buy one and find a grassy place to practice all these steps. At first, you may find you all these processes little awkward, but after a while, you will learn how to cast a spinning reel perfectly.

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