Pelican Strike 100X Angler Kayak Reviews: Our Best Kayak In 2017

Pelican Strike 100X Angler Kayak ReviewsThe Pelican Strike 100X Angler Kayak reviews is a single fishing kayak with super multi features. With the strength and flexibility, this kayak has many amazing features that will change your fishing and paddling experiences. First of all the kayak is little different in look. Its broad and narrow body is little similar to a real boat.

It consists of lots of space for both storage and relaxes sittings. Moreover, the kayak has light sand colored top and white bottom with black colored accessories. That makes is look beautiful and classy. Although it has a comfortable seat with seat cushion, swivel rod holder, carry handle and much more.

In additionally, the Pelican Strike 100X Angler Kayak is one of the best fast and sporty kayaks from others. This stable and maneuverable sit on top fishing kayak offer you great speed and capacity. People who are new or skilled on kayaking will love this kayak.

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  1. Adjustable padded backrest with seat cushion.
  2. Day hatches with dry hatch.
  3. Two adjustable foot pegs.
  4. Swivel and flush mount rod holders.
  5. Paddle tie-down.
  6. Four carrying handles- front, rear and sides.
  7. Stern storage platform with bungee cords.

Sleek and elegant design:

Pelican Strike 100X Angler Kayak ReviewsThe twin thermoformed RAM-X Premium is used to make the Pelican Strike 100X Angler Kayak. This superior material is not only making the fishing kayak strong but also light and stable.

It increases the compatibility of the kayak for any job like paddling, trolling, fishing or any water sports. Furthermore, you will get lots of space for your important stuff and sit with relaxing in the kayak.

Other features:

The Pelican Strike 100X Angler Kayak has some amazing features like dry storage with bungee cords and pad eyes. It allows you to add additional accessories as your need.

Also, you will have four carrying handles on four sides. Such as front, back and sides for making easy the moving to land to water or water to land.

Rod holder attachment:

This sit-on-top fishing kayak has both swivel and flush mount rod holders. Most of the kayak consists of two flush mount rod holders as usual.

But the Pelican Strike 100X Angler Kayak also includes the swivel rod holder for ergonomics. It will change your fishing experience ultimately. When you are paddling on the high tide or going to turn around this will help you better more.

Things that we are like so much about the product:

  • Suitable for tall and overweight people.
  • Enough space for sit.
  • Lots of space for storage your stuff securely.
  • Easy to paddle and track.
  • It’s vigorous and stable enough even the big waves.
  • Beautiful color and design.
  • Only 53 pounds in weight.

Things that we are not like so much about the product:

  • With the foam seat, seat cushion and adjusting facility, the sitting experience is not so satisfying to me. Yes, it was not that bad but for all day sitting, its little bit comfortless.
  • The storage space is sufficient but like the other brand of fishing kayaks, an extended storage will not harm the design, especially a bottle holder will do better.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: what kind of material use in the seat for the kayak?

Answer: foam.

Question: what is the dimension of the kayak?

Answer: 30.5 x 16 x 120 inches.

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Final Verdict

In the sum of the discussion, you will like this sleek and clean kayak. In one side, it’s stable and reliable with necessary features. Other sides, it’s fast enough to paddle and race with other kayaks.

It’s best for anyone who loves fishing or likes to run in the water. Furthermore, you will get enough storage to keep your stuff and seat comfortably. So if you like to have a high-quality kayak within budget, you can choose the Pelican Strike 100X Angler Kayak.

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