Sun Dolphin Journey 10 Foot Sit on top Top Fishing Kayak reviews

Sun Dolphin Journey 10-Foot Sit-on-top Fishing Kayak

The Sun Dolphin Journey 10-foot sit on top fishing kayak comes with great stability, sleek design, durability and strength. If you often go out for fishing or trolling nearby any lake or river then, you know better of how useful a lightweight and stable fishing kayak could be.

This fishing kayak has many useful features like rod holders, storage space, comfortable seat, etc. Moreover, you will get a open cockpit for easy entrance which is not commonly found on sit on top kayak.

In it storage you will get plenty of space to keep your fish tackles, fishing rod, first aid box, water/food supply etc.Most of the fishing kayaks are high in cost due to their top class materials and amazing features.

In that case, Sun Dolphin Journey fishing kayaks are not like others. This recommended fishing kayak is built with quality materials and has an important feature that should have a fishing kayak. Besides, it’s perfect for casual paddling in calm waters too.

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At a glance

  • Attach two flush mount rod holder and one swivel rod holder.
  • Shock cord deck rigging
  • Dry storage compartment.
  • Big comfortable seating areas.
  • The Large open cockpit for easy entry.
  • Comes with affordable price.
  • Lightweight, so easy to carry.

Sun Dolphin Journey 10 Foot Sit on top Top Fishing Kayak reviews

Large & ergonomic design

The Sun Dolphin Journey 10-foot sit-on-top fishing kayak is designed for gives you enough room for seat comfortably. The kayak is around ten ft tall, so it’s fit for great persons, though.

It has plenty space t store you fish tackles, fishing rod, etc. This kayak is just 50 lbs in weight, so any adult person even a teenager can easily move it in the or out of the water.

Comfortable seating areas

This sit on top fishing kayak has a vast and comfortable seat area for sitting. Besides, it has enough space for making yourself at home. There is a padded seat back for giving you extra comfort so you can sit there for a log time.

The Sun Dolphin Journey 10-foot sit-on-top fishing kayak has an open cockpit for easy entrance and keeps your necessary things.

Other features

The fishing kayak is perfectly outfitted for the fishing trips. With the Sun Dolphin Journey fishing kayak, two flush mount rod holder is attached side of the kayak. Also, there is a one swivel rod holder put together with the fishing kayak.

Furthermore, shock cord deck rigging is also included with it. This one person olive green kayak is easy to move in or out of the water as well.

Things that we like so much about the product

  • The kayak is perfect for solo riding.
  • The portable accessory carrier of this kayak can be used as extra storage, tow behind or even a backpack.
  • Strong and durable product.
  • Attach flush mount and swivel rod holder for easy paddling.
  • A Dry and large compartment.
  • Cheap in price. This fishing kayak costs you below $500.

Things that we are not like so much about the productSun Dolphin Journey 10 Foot Sit on top Top Fishing Kayak reviews

  • Little uncomfortable for tall persons (more than six fits).
  • The stability is brimming over with the speed and weight sometimes.
  • Not so great for choppy waters.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Reader question: does it have foot pedals?

Answer: yes and it’s adjustable too.

Reader question: does it comfortable for up to 6 feet tall persons?

Answer: it will be off for more than six fit tall persons, but you should go for a 12-foot kayak, though.

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Final Verdict

The kayak is suitable for both stand up and fishing like the sitting and fishing. Although, its stable to bear you and your valuable goods in the waves. Moreover, it will give you a decent paddling experiences that you will enjoy for sure.

Although its size features, quality, stability, etc. are best fit for fishing or paddling even with the low price. So, the Sun Dolphin Journey 10-foot sit-on-top fishing kayak will exceed your expectations.


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