The Best Rod and Reel for Most Fishers

It’s hard to find the Best Rod and Reel combo for most fishers. That’s why I have researched with few rods and reels, take advice from real users who are also expert on rods and reel. Finally, I guess I have some real option for great rod and reel for you. So, let’s get started.

The Best Rod and Reel Combo:

For the best reel I have finally picked Penn Battle II and for the rod the Ugly Stick GX2. I find they are sturdy and ready to go with any water. Even you can easily handle fish like 30 pounds without killing it. Those who are aware of the fishing tournament of aware of death fish penalty.  So, they can save you from the penalty zone.

This combo is most versatile and bit pricey. However, you should look at the investment that you are going to put on for several years. The rod is 6.5 ft medium-heavy, and the reel is 5000 line capacity. Both this combination is ready to catch maximum size and type of size for sure. You can catch from Tuna to Trout easily without any hassle with these best rod and reel.

Shakespeare Ugly Stick GX2 fishing rod:

Shakespeare Ugly Stick GX2 fishing rod

This fishing rod is a good balance of modern look and classic diamond wind. It features the original Ugly Tech Construction with a new reel seat design. It combines the fiberglass and graphite which gives the reel and great sensitivity and ideal balance. Some of the rods from Ugly are suitable to catch fish more than 20 lbs.

This rod has a sleek matt black finish highlighted by red and silver accents. It is not too loud or much fed; overall its looks cool when giving a closer look at the rod. The rod is suitable for any weather condition great to deal with any fighting fish.

Penn Battle II fishing reel:

Penn Battle II fishing reel

The Penn Battle II has non-corrosive metal with very few plastic its a best spinning reel. It has a simple locomotive gearing and well design structure which it easy to use. I found it smooth to turn forward and backward even with no washers. It consists with some blue-gears all over the reel. So, that it can run smoothly without adding anything. Besides, Penn added an anti-reverse switch on its smaller models. There is a tiny spring that active the switch. However, you have to deal with it carefully. It is a bit tricky to put together and if it breaks you are out of the anti-reverse option.

Overall the reel feels really solid while turning the handle. The handle has a screw to attach with the reel. Most of them have pin for connecting including two holes for the screw. If you want you can add one extra for robust service.

Moreover, these two can perform for years without any breakage or something. With the high performance and longevity, they can change your overall fishing experience. So, for the best rod and reel, the Shakespeare Ugly Stick GX2 fishing rod and Penn Battle II fishing reel is a great deal for anyone.

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